Customer Enablement 

I believe the next wave of revenue will come through customer enablement, which will provide more creative ways to empower the user to spend, rather than using the practice of manipulating or confusing pricing models. Not every situation is unique, but every situation could use better questions to turn the pain point into a revenue opportunity.

Let the customers say no. Companies have so many limitations, policies, and boundaries. Yes, there is a reason; however; companies should make and weave fluctuations  into the architecture. Companies do not have to answer the customer with a yes, no, or compromise. Tell them the amount and allow them to make a hard decision, not you.

Enable; do not reward or punish. Customers do not need a badge, upsell, or sense of urgency. What if you gave them the opportunity to do more, spend more, or engage more? Kickstarter works because people ask.  It’s that simple.

It’s not always about problems. Sometimes happy customers would love to do more than write another Yelp review. What if, in the example of the roofing company, you said they could put $500 toward the roof of a nonprofit in town? Now when that nonprofit complains about having limited funds, the company does not have to go under to have the new roof installed, because they have previously earned some capital to help and have established a community along the way.

Whether you are a company as a B2C or B2B, the same principles apply.  With the proper data to start and excellent research to validate, an enablement strategy will be the best outcome for all.

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